In January of 2005, I received a replica belt of the US Title.  The belt was created by an individual named Dave Millican, who works with Reggie Parks (the man who originally created the title for Jim Crockett Promotions) to create the most authentic wrestling belt replicas in the business.  Dave is very knowledgeable on wrestling titles, and takes great pride in his work. 

While going to different conventions, I have been able to have five of the original eight wrestlers who wore this title to autograph the back of this particular belt.  I am still missing Nikita Koloff, Stan Hansen, and Michael Hayes. 

 I hope to get Hansen and Koloff to sign the belt this year, but have no idea how I will be able to get Michael Hayes to sign the title, as I am not aware of him appearing at any conventions in the past or future.  Anyone with ideas please let me know! 


Here are some photos of the original belt holders with the above replica belt.  These photos are from January of 2005.