This site exists to highlight an extraordinary time in the history of pro wrestling, and to help document the wrestlers and belts from that time.



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From 1986 to 1991, Jim Crockett Promotions, the National Wrestling Alliance, and later World Championship Wrestling utilized a unique belt for their United States Heavyweight Championship.  The seven wrestlers who held this belt are featured below. 

Recent photos of the original champions with this replica belt.




Magnum TA

On March 23, 1985, Magnum TA won the title from Wahoo McDaniel in Charlotte, North Carolina.   The version Magnum won was the previous version, which was all silver in color.  The NWA unveiled the new version of the title in early 1986.  Magnum went on to defend the belt versus numerous wrestlers, including Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson, Abdullah the Butcher, Baron von Raschke, Arn Anderson, Black Bart, the Barbarian, Ivan Koloff, Kamala, and Nikita Koloff.



Nikita Koloff

On August 17, 1986, Nikita Koloff defeated Magnum TA in the final match of a best of seven series to win the title.  Nikita defended the belt against Magnum TA, Ron Garvin, Wahoo McDaniel, Brad Armstrong, Tully Blanchard, and others.



Lex Luger

On July 11, 1987, Lex Luger defeated Nikita Koloff in a Cage Match in Greensboro, North Carolina to win the title.  Luger would eventually win this title on three more occasions, and was the last holder of this belt before it was replaced with a new version.



Dusty Rhodes

On November 26, 1987 at Starrcade, Dusty Rhodes defeated Lex Luger in a Cage Match to win the title.  Dusty was later stripped of the title after a scuffle with Tully Blanchard, who had attacked Magnum TA.


Barry Windham

On May 13, 1988, Barry Windham defeated Nikita Koloff in the finals of a tournament to declare a new US Champion.  Windham held the title until February 20, 1989, when he lost to Lex Luger.



Michael Hayes

On May 7, 1989, Michael Hayes defeated Lex Luger on the Music City Showdown Pay Per View and won the title.  Hayes run was brief, as he lost the title back to Luger only two weeks later at Bluefield, West Virginia.


Stan Hansen

On October 27, 1990, Stan Hansen defeated Lex Luger at Halloween Havoc to win the title.  Hansen lost the title back to Luger at Starrcade 1990 in a bullrope match.